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on July 22 2014

Jeremy Scurlock loves his job as President of SafeT Systems. Part of that may be because of where he works: SafeT Systems is a family owned-and-operated business that his wife, Heather, and her father, Ray Evans, started 15 years ago in Knoxville offering residential and commercial security and fire alarm systems. More than that, however, Scurlock loves the nitty-gritty of what he does every day: equipping area homes and businesses with technologically smart features that make life safer, more convenient—and a lot more fun.

“We all love it,” says Scurlock on behalf of the entire staff at SafeT. “We love putting together the equipment and getting a system right—so that sometimes the mechanics of the job seem more like play than work.” Whether the problem to be solved is technical, such as placing home-theater speakers in the optimum spots for the ultimate sound result, or aesthetic, such as blending those same speakers attractively with a home’s décor, SafeT Systems has the knowledgeable, experienced, and well-trained technicians to succeed.

General Sales Manager Dan Hoskins adds, “No two days in the field are ever the same. Our customers are all types of people in all types of different environments. But the common result is how customers’ faces light up once we’ve completed a project for them.”

That “wow” factor, as Scurlock describes it, is what motivates his professionalism and drive to please his customers the most: “When I’m finished with a job and I see their expression, I know the customer will enjoy that system every single day. They’re going to be happy over and over with the money they’ve spent.”

Customers begin being impressed as soon as they enter the SafeT Systems one-stop showroom. “It’s the most beautiful showroom in Knoxville, hands down,” says Scurlock with pride. “When customers walk in here and see, hear, and feel it, they say, ‘I want this in my home.’”

“We can make it happen for them, too,” says Hoskins, who has 30 years of experience in electronics and audio engineering. “From risers to sound dampening, we know everything about whole-house audio. Customers aren’t just buying gear here. They’re buying an experience, because we know how to design and custom install it for their specific setting.”

SafeT Systems offers the gamut of smart solutions for both homeowners and companies:

  • Audio and Visual (Home Theater): SafeT Multi-Room Music Systems use attractive components and simple-to-use controls to send streaming internet radio (Pandora, Spotify, Tune-In), radio, MP3, and even satellite- or cable-provided music throughout your entire home. The result is concert quality. By adding a visual component, customers can enjoy SafeT Media: Home theater that lets you lose yourself in your favorite movie in a venue of unparalleled comfort. A previously little-used space like your basement or bonus room can become your family’s favorite spot to relax. SafeT Systems installs premium sound equipment from top-of-the-line vendors like NuVo Whole Home Audio, Sonos Wireless Hifi, RBH, Destination Audio, NXG, and Pioneer, as well as Vutec screens. The result will fill your home with professional-quality sight and sound.
  • Home Automation: A lighting-control system from SafeT lets you operate all your lights from anywhere in the house with a smart phone or tablet. Even from the comfort of your bed! With the press of a single button, the system’s software responds according to any of the countless pre-sets you have programmed into it, including on-off or specific dimming of every light. Universal Remote controls let you view the current climate of any room in your home and adjust it from wherever you are—even off the premises.
  • Fire Alarm and Suppression: SafeT is the exclusive area dealer for Siemens Sinorix Clean Agent Suppression Systems and Siemens state-of-the-art fire-detection systems.
  • Surveillance Cameras and Security Systems: SafeT installs high-end products from Honeywell, GE Alarm.Com, I3 International, Interlogix, Legrand, and Nuvico as components in its integrated surveillance, security, and access-control solutions. These smart systems are rich with rules-based features and customizations that can be monitored and operated from a cell phone anywhere in the world.

Because of the quality of its work and devotion to customer service, SafeT enjoys long-standing relationships with clients of all sizes of budgets, both in the private and public sectors. “We work hand-in-hand with emergency services,” says Scurlock. “We make sure, for example, the fire department can get into a company like Holston Gases when an emergency occurs. We provide access-control systems to gated communities, day cares, and schools.” The company offers services to homes, businesses, and commercial locations, with customers as far away as Gatlinburg.

“The customer must be able to ask you anything,” says Scurlock. “You have to have that relationship with them where they feel like you’re friends—because they’re trusting you with their security and their dreams. You can’t be just a phone number. The best time for us to start working with a customer is before they’ve even broken ground on their new home. They share their dreams with us, and that’s how we establish that relationship.”

That bond is why Scurlock still does field work alongside SafeT Systems’ other technicians, rather than managing from the showroom: “The equipment we use is the Porsche of this industry, but whether we’re putting in a $500 screen or a $50,000 screen, where our company most outshines the competition is customer service and communication.”

Seek out a local installer with a proven track record and numerous testimonials from thrilled customers: SafeT Systems (865-693-0095).

This article originally appeared in the Cityview Magazine’s 2014 Home Automation Guide.

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