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Optimizing Your Outdoor TV

on June 25 2015

Installing a TV or entertainment system outdoors can make your deck, backyard, or patio feel like a palace. It can help you squeeze every ounce of sun out of this summer, while simultaneously staying connected with the rest of the world. In addition, it makes your outdoor living space that much more desirable. Installing a TV outdoors is a process that should be carefully designed and planned to ensure the best possible viewing experience. Whether you are adding a television outside to your residence, bar, or business, it is sure to be a hit. We’ve compiled a list of tips on installing a TV outdoors.

Should I buy an outdoor TV?

The first question most people ask when considering placing a TV outdoors is, “Should I buy an outdoor TV”? The answer is yes, if your budget has room for it. Outdoor TV’s are specifically designed to resist heat, water, wind, bugs, humidity and whatever else nature can throw at them. They are also made to reduce glare, and provide a crisper picture at any time of day. However, an outdoor TV typically costs anywhere between 8-10 times as much as its indoor counterpart, making this an expensive option. You can place an indoor TV outside, however it is much more susceptible to the elements, and will break eventually. The biggest problem with placing an indoor TV outside is getting the heat out of the device, as most TV’s operate best around room temperature. If you are going to place an indoor TV outside, make sure to get a model that can work in higher temperatures, as some are rated to work up to 104 degrees. Placing an indoor TV outside is a more cost-efficient option, and when it breaks you can replace it five times and still spend less than you would on a similarly sized outdoor TV.

Positioning the TV

It is also important to consider where you are going to place the TV. If it is available, the best place to put a TV is in a spot that is at least somewhat protected from the elements and the direct sun. Glare is going to be your biggest problem with a TV outdoors, but you can minimize its effect by the way you initially position your TV. If your outdoor area has a shaded or covered section, this would be an ideal place to put your outdoor TV.

Installing the TV

After you have decided where you are going to put your TV outside, it’s time to get it hooked up and running. In most cases, you will have to equip your outdoor area with the proper wiring to ensure your system can properly work outside. It is not enough to simply install the wiring and terminations. The right wire, the right terminations, right design, and poor installation all add up to one thing: a bad system. There are a number of steps that must be taken to ensure the performance of your system. For example, speakers that are not properly mounted can provide shoddy sound and cause the performance of the whole system to suffer. Another common mistake made when installing outdoor TV’s is using an indoor mount. These mounts are adversely effected by the elements, and it is vital to install your TV on an outdoor mount.

At SafeT Systems, our technicians have proper training and years of experience when it comes to installing all kinds of electrical systems. Our professional installation process maintains strict guidelines for quality low-voltage cable installations. SafeT Systems is a licensed contractor, and we can help you plan and install your outdoor entertainment system with ease.

Kick Back and Relax

Now that you have your outdoor TV installed, it’s time to put it to use! Grill out with the family while watching the game, or invite the neighbors over for a barbecue and an outdoor flick. It doesn’t matter how you use it, adding a TV to your outdoor area will make it more inviting and is sure to please the kids!

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