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Upon exiting the building, intruders are heavily coated with a DNA encoded spray

DNA Intruder Spray Sees Early Success

on July 9 2015

Just a few months after installing SelectaDNA’s intruder spray, the system is already being credited for stopping a series of robberies at a Knoxville convenience store. Lee’s Food Mart had been robbed five times in the previous five months until the intruder spray system was installed. The system works by coating an intruder with synthetic DNA as they exit the building, making it easy for police to place the robber at the scene of the crime.

Since the system has been in place, the store has not experienced a robbery, and employees of the store and police are all pleased with the results. Since the spray provides an irrefutable link to the scene of the crime, the system has proven to deter robbers from ever targeting that store.

Assistant chief deputy with the Knox County Sheriff’s office Lee Tramel says, “It’s still early in the trial, but it’s clear that the technology is making a serious difference in preventing crime.” So far, Lee’s Food Mart and Subway are the first businesses in the U.S. to implement the system, but it has proven to be a crime deterrent in more than 30 countries for over a decade.

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