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Audio & Visual


SafeT Multi-Room Music Systems can bring quality music to many or even all areas of your home — The Kitchen, Deck, Bedroom, Dining Areas, Everywhere! SafeT Media can help you easily listen to your favorite CD’s, radio stations, and even satellite and cable music all around your home. SafeT Media has several design and installation criteria that set us apart from ALL competitors.

Aesthetics:Attractive components and installation that complement your home and decor.

Simplicity: Ease of use so that all family members can easily enjoy the system.

Performance: Stunning images & goose-bump inspiring audio.

Value: Custom features & benefits tailored to your values.

All SafeT Media Systems focus on these criteria to bring our clients simple to use systems that blend seamlessly with their decor and provide stunning, concert quality performance.

Intuitive controls that make controlling your system almost as enjoyable as listening. When the whole family can easily use our audio system, it takes the frustration out of the equation. Enjoying your music and your system makes your investment “sound”. SafeT Media has many options to attractively blend your entertainment system into your home with flush mount speakers, surface mount speakers, and even speakers that are completely concealed in the wall.

SafeT Media even has speakers that look like rocks, planters, columns, and even bricks. Robust outdoor sound that seems to come from everywhere yet cannot be seen.


Home Theatre means many things to many people. What is common to almost all beliefs is the enjoyment of movies and other programming on a quality screen with superb audio. SafeT Media applies years of experience to take our attractive, easy to use, high performance theatre experiences to Living RoomsBedrooms, and Dedicated Theater Rooms. SafeT Media has several design & installation criteria that set us apart from ALL competitors.


FAMILY ROOM THEATRES: theatre_1Living / Family / Great Rooms are a gathering place for the whole family and it makes sense that a growing number of families are including a quality entertainment system in their primary living space. SafeT Media has many options to attractively blend your entertainment system into your home.
Many people, especially those with young children, have a hard time finding time to enjoy movies and music. With a SafeT Media bedroom theatre you will be provided with an excellent way to relax before sleep and a great way to wake up.

For the ultimate…”Experience”, dedicated theatre rooms provide moving, concert quality movies and music so real you cal lose yourself in your favorite movie. These rooms are special from the very moment you enter. Their presence and comfort are unparalleled. In addition to great movies and concerts, these rooms make great places to relax and read books and enjoy fine art.

Basements, Bonus Rooms, and unused Bedrooms make GREAT Home Theatres. These spaces do not require as much space as you think. The theatre to the left is in a 12′ x 14′ room with 8′ ceilings.

Home Automation


Fabulous lighting can make a room or home! SafeT’s lighting control systems can give you the flexibility to adjust your lights and lighting to any mood or situation. Every switch, light and outlet in your home can be connected to a software driven control panel … then any switch can be programmed to control one or more lights or outlets. Push one button and turn every light in the house off (or on)! Push one button for “Good Night” and instantly turn off all lights except the outside and inside night lights you need. The “Romantic” button can automatically adjust every light in your home to that perfect setting for a cozy night at home. SafeT’s lighting system can control one or all lights in your home with a single button. You’ll have infinite dimming and on-off possibilities and combinations. A SafeT lighting control system is reasonably priced and will add character and value to your home.

Life Safety


We live in a time when everyone is concerned about the safety and security of their homes and loved ones. A state of the art security system from SafeT Systems can not only help thwart an attempted burglary, it gives your family the peace of mind in knowing they are protected. Set your SafeT Systems’ alarm every time you leave the house, so when you return you will know that there’s no intruder inside. Set your SafeT Systems’ alarm at night, so your family can sleep soundly knowing that any burglar will be immediately detected and scared away. You can even arm and disarm your system over the internet, or get a notice on your cell phone when certain doors or windows are opened. Let an experienced SafeT security consultant show you how you can protect your home and family … for just pennies a day!

Call SafeT Systems to change passwords, call list, schedule service calls, discuss billing, or see about special promotions. You may even qualify for up to 20% off of your home owners insurance by subscribing to our UL Listed monitoring service. SafeT Systems offers *Free Consultations* and services all major brands., CMS Monitoring Customer Service number 24/7 is 800-631-2299 – call them to cancel a false alarm, put system on test or check to see if and when alarm went off.

Structured Wiring

SafeT Media Wiring is the infrastructure that will allow you to easily take advantage of current and future technologies in your home. SafeT Media will install high quality, home run cabling and conduits to provide for and facilitate a variety of features that compliment your home and your lifestyle.

SafeT Media Wiring

  • Daisy Chain Wiring vs. Home Run Wiring
  • Professional Terminations that facilitate easy changes and flexibility
  • Quality Wire, Cable, Connectors, Terminators, & Wall Plates
  • Professional Installation that maintains the strict guidelines for quality low voltage cable installations.

If any of the above components are compromised, your entire infrastructure and investment is also compromised.

Daisy Chain Wiring vs. Home Run Wiring

Unlike typical wiring that is installed in a series or daisy chain, home run wiring provides exponentially more capability, flexibility, and reliability.
On the diagram below, you can see that if there is a break at any point along the wire all down line outlets will be affected. In addition, if you decide that you want to change the function of the Study / Office outlet from telephone to a computer outlet, you cannot accomplish that with this wiring.
With SafeT Media Wiring, your home is more reliable AND flexible. If, for any reason, there is a break on any one line, the rest of your home is still operational. In addition, if at any time during the life of your home you decide you would like to change the function of an outlet, it is a simple change in the SafeT Media Panel. There is no additional wiring or expensive service or material required. Furthermore, as you can see from the diagram many more services are available and easily included with this system.

Professional Terminations that facilitate easy changes and flexibility

Another key component to a successful design and installation is quality terminations at both ends of each wire. Many companies use wire nuts, punch blocks, and other sub par terminations that would require significant labor to facilitate the easy changes afforded by the home run wiring. Other companies use high end, over marketed termination blocks that seem to have forgotten their primary function, flexibility. SafeT Media uses simple, proven terminations to provide years of trouble free performance, ease of use, and simple flexibility.

Quality Components

Quality Wire & Cable is the only way to go. As part of the SafeT Media Wiring Package, wire & cable is a smaller percentage of the cost than labor. As such, the “savings” achieved by using cheap cable and wire is minimal. Quality wire & cable ensures high quality signals and performance for the life of your home.

Professional InstallationThinkstockPhotos-178894119

The right wire, the right terminations, the right design, and the WRONG installation equal one thing, a BAD system. There are a number of crucial parameters and rules the MUST be followed to ensure the integrity and performance of your wiring system. SafeT Technicians have proper training and years of experience. We are committed to ongoing education for our technicians and strict quality control from our project managers. Our professional installation that maintains strict guidelines for quality low voltage cable installations.
SafeT Systems is a Tennessee licensed Contractor (E-D) as well as Licensed Alarm Contractor with Burglar, Fire and CCTV Classifications. We specialize in fire alarm systems, security applications and communication cabling systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

  • Exclusive Dealer for state-of-the-art Siemens Fire Detection Systems
  • Design and Installation
  • 24 Hour U.L. Listed Monitoring Service
  • Testing & Inspection (NFPA-72 Chapter 10)
  • System Certification (NPFA-72)(UL – Underwriters Laboratories)

Fire Suppression

  • Exclusive Dealer for Siemens SINORIX Clean Agent Suppression Systems
  • Fire Suppression Consultation

Surveillance Cameras – Closed Circuit Television Systems

SafeT is proud to be the SIEMENS Fire Safety distributor in East Tennessee. We provide sales, service and monitoring of most and brand of fire alarm system.

  • PELCO Factory Direct Dealer
  • Interlogix Camera Systems
  • Interlogix Industrial Security

Security Systems

*** Click on one of the links below for product information or manuals.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Card Access Systems

Apartment / High-Rise Tele-Entry Systems

Emergency Telephones

Security Gates and Operators

Structured Wiring Voice & Data Systems

Music & Sound Systems

Nurse Call Systems

Fiber Optic Cabling Installation and Certification | CATV and MATV Private Cable TV Systems.

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