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Key Knowledge: Why You Should Choose Card Access Over Traditional Keys

on August 1 2014

Change can be intimidating, but change for the sake of security can never be a bad thing. Whether you own a family-run business or a larger scale organization, SafeT Systems can install a card system that will guarantee a higher level of safety for your facility.

Traditional keys have numerous flaws in both security and ease of use. Large, bulky key rings are noisy and take up unnecessary space in your pocket, briefcase, or purse. If you forget which key matches which door, you’re stuck trying key after key until you get to the right one (which is, inevitably, the last one you try). Access to multiple rooms requires multiple keys, increasing your chances of leaving a key at home or losing a key. If a physical key is lost, stolen, or taken by an employee leaving your company, the key can easily be copied and used, jeopardizing your security. You have the option of changing the locks, but that process can be both time consuming and expensive.

Card access systems eliminate all of the hassle and risk of traditional keys. One card is easy to keep up with, fits nicely into a name badge or wallet, and is less likely to be forgotten or lost. A card can allow access to multiple rooms, meaning no time is lost trying to find the right key. If a card happens to be lost, it has two security advantages over traditional keys: Cards are harder to copy than traditional keys, and they can be electronically deactivated within seconds. The flexibility that comes with card access is astonishing. If a technician or employee needs emergency or one-time access, a card can be activated and deactivated as needed.  Perhaps the best security feature of card access systems is a full history log. In the unfortunate event of suspected theft or vandalism, the history log can be crucial to knowing who was in your facility and at what time.

Let SafeT Systems install the versatile, secure, intuitive, and intelligent card access system you need to regulate and monitor your building access.

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