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Light Up Your Home, The Smart Way

on September 17 2014

Light. It seems so simple, but when it comes to creating a smart home, lighting has enormous potential. The lighting in your home can have an effect on your home’s security, your energy bill, and even your mood. Certainly, being able to turn the lights off to watch a movie without having to stand up would be really nice. However, we’re talking about more than just comfort.

With adjustable lighting connected to one control panel, or multiple smart phones, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few settings you could have:

Good Morning: set a timer for your bedroom lights to slowly increase in brightness as you awaken.

Good Night: all lights in the house are turned off, and porch lights are left on for security.

Bed Time: another good night setting, but this one slowly dims the kids’ lights as they fall asleep.

Nightlight: if you’re not comfortable with complete darkness, leave the bathroom light on, but dimmed.

Romantic: simply dim the lights, or add a soft glow of color.

Cooking: turns on all kitchen lights to full brightness.

Cook-Out: turns on porch and walkway lights.

Welcome Home: lights up the front porch and entry hall.

On Vacation: lights are set to a random on-off pattern to make the house appears occupied.

Emergency: all lights flash on and off until you disarm the panic mode.

Energy Saver: sets a timer to make sure all lights are off once everyone leaves.

Video Games: dims the lights in the living room or game room.

You know your home and your habits. So, why not take control of your lighting? Infinite dimming and on-off possibilities could improve the quality and safety of your home. Let SafeT Systems install a lighting control system that is reasonably priced and will add character and value to your home.

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