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2015 Trends Foreseen at ASIS 2014

on January 14 2015

Held from September 29th – October 2nd in Atlanta, GA, the Annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits brought in a lot of great ideas for the security industry from across the nation. The basis of ASIS is to reinforce and model new security products that are launched throughout the year and participating in training and education sessions. Our friends at CE Pro covered the four-day event and summarized a few great trends in the December 2014 edition that will certainly enforce a presence for 2015:

1.) 4K Ultra HD Video

The excitement over 360 degree, 4K security cameras was abundant. The problem with this technology that prevented its much anticipated success in 2014 is the accompanying technology is not up to par. Hopefully in 2015, we can see this exciting improvement in home security take off. To 4K or not to 4K… that is the question, and here is a link with the answer:

wow wireless home22.) “Wow” Factor Wireless Devices

Whether these devices boast better Wi-Fi reliability, Bluetooth integrations, or NFC (Near-Field Communications) adaptations, the cost savings and lifestyle flexibility may draw consumers more than the updated technology. The most noteworthy developments are the ability to unlock doors and gates from a distance and technology electronic locks.

3.) Mobility

mobility3All trends seem to be pointing in the direction of “on-the-go” technology. This is appealing not just for homeowners who want to keep an eye on their home and family while being away, integrators can run remote diagnostics, company owners can remotely manage their facilities, and security personnel can receive connectivity in places they never could before.

4.)Technology Partnerships

Propriety seems a thing of the past when vendors are collaborating with their different products and systems. This essentially means eight more products that have the ability to multi-task or super-products that do what you need them to…better than before. An excellent example of this is BCDVideo’s servers preloaded with Genetec’s Security Center Software.

Panasonic_cameras 65.) More Affordable Advanced Technologies

The biggest trend in 2014 that will carry into 2015 is getting more features in products for less money. Economy-conscious in mind, some of the leading companies are finding ways to save you money while still providing consumers with impressive products. Some of these products are Panasonic’s new 3 series camera with capabilities of the 6 series and anything from vendor FLIR- offering a less expensive alternative for thermal imaging cameras.

6.) Video Providers Expanding into Access Control:

Video surveillance manufactures are now reaching out to enable the ability access control. With the proprietary and often fragmented nature of video surveillance, manufacturers are looking to put it (and keep it) in the consumer’s hands.

7.) Cloud-Based Systems and Services:

With appeals such as minimizing infrastructure costs, centralized storage, and accessing security data anywhere, consumers are going towards a cloud-connected system. Everything in one place and accessed at the same time? Say no more.


If any of these trends stick out to you, call us at (865) 693-0095 to see if we can help freshen up your security needs.

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